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Optimised for Mobile Reading

Digi-Mags makes reading on mobile devices easy with all your favourite magazines optimised for mobile. Simply press the ‘reading icon’ to see the articles convert to a mobile-friendly layout for a great reading experience.

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Lightning Speed Access for Unlimited Devices

Digi-Mags is built on leading software architecture to deliver lightening fast, high-resolution content to an unlimited amount of devices at any one time.

Reading is instant via their internet browser without the need to download an app or register.

Works on 4G/5G and Wifi

Your customers can access Digi-Mags when at your venue using their own 4G/5G or via any guest Wifi offered to them.

Branded Your Way

Digi-Mags Custom is a white label service that can be fully customised to your own corporate identity and include your own content such as directories, catalogues and menus.

With multiple banner positions, Digi-Mags Custom allows you to push offers and drive traffic to your own websites and social channels.

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